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Becoming a member of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Mohawk Valley (HBRMV) provides exciting benefits that can help you grow your business – and your professional reputation. Associate members are professionals and trades people who work with and support our industry, including subcontractors, building materials suppliers, realtors, bankers, attorneys and many others. If you’re a professional in one of these fields, joining HBRMV is a great decision.

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When you choose to join HBRMV, there are numerous benefits for both you and your business:

  • People will know you’re dependable
  • You will get leads
  • You will be stamped as the best of the best
  • You also become a member of NAHB

Why People Trust Home Builders Association Members

  • They know you’re professional
  • You’re dependable
  • They’ll know you’re among the best in your field!

Today’s consumers are internet-savvy. With resources like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau readily available online, it’s easy for consumers to research any company before they do business with them. Most consumers want to know that the company they choose to do business with is reliable, ethical, and has their best interests in mind. Joining HBRMV gives you a “stamp of approval” that shows potential customers by choosing you, they’re choosing among the best in our area. Mohawk Valley consumers already have a level of trust with us – they know we expect our members to adhere to practices that meet or exceed common standards. So as a member of HBRMV, you’ll already have a foot in the door with consumers, which will allow you to form a better relationship with them, sooner.

Last year, NAHB saved the typical builder member $6,200 on every new home they started. You can learn more about the value of a membership at

With a NAHB membership, you will be supporting continued efforts on key issues, such as:

      • Protecting the mortgage interest deduction.
        As lawmakers grapple with tax reform, several critical housing tax provisions could come into the crosshairs – including the mortgage interest deduction, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, the deduction for state and local income taxes, and more. Acting per-emptively in this area, NAHB has created a consumer-oriented website,, which educates the public on the importance of preserving the mortgage interest deduction as a cornerstone of American housing policy. NAHB will be actively engaged in the debate if threats to housing tax provisions materialize in the year ahead.
      • Fighting onerous regulations that cost builders and remodelers time and money.
        NAHB is in the forefront in preventing expensive, pointless regulations from impeding home building and remodeling and adding unnecessary costs to consumers. From overly broad stormwater permit requirements that would literally regulate puddles under the Clean Water Act, to far-reaching Endangered Species Act requirements and lead paint rules that cost remodelers jobs and money, NAHB is leading the fight to rein in unnecessary and burdensome regulations that harm the industry and consumers.
      • Fixing a broken appraisal Process.
        A distressed property should not be compared to a new home. Appraisals should not come in below a contract sales price for a house. NAHB continues to make progress with regulators and members of the appraisal industry to correct these major flaws in the appraisal process and ensure that appraisals accurately reflect true market values.
      • Protecting the 30-year mortgage.
        As Congress works to restructure the nation’s housing finance system, NAHB believes it must include a federal backstop to ensure that 30-year, fixed rate mortgages and reliable mortgage financing for multifamily housing remain readily available and affordable. With competing House and Senate legislative proposals pending in Congress, NAHB has compiled several important resources to keep our members informed about the debate that can be accessed NAHB’s active engagement on housing finance reform with the Administration, members of Congress and regulators has given the association a seat at the table as deliberations move forward.

Help your business grow

When you join HBRMV, you’re joining an organization of companies that work hard, and work together, to promote the building industry in the Mohawk Valley. Our main goal is to help our members grow their businesses – that’s why we work collectively with local and state government, and within our industries and community. That way, our members receive up-to-the-minute information on the building industry, and a higher level of community awareness and involvement.

      • Search Engine Friendly Website Listing
      • Lobbying Efforts
      • Liaison with Local Government
      • Industry Promotion
      • Charitable and Community Involvement
      • Latest Industry Information
      • Annual Home Builder and Remodeling Expo

Great benefits

Aside from the great benefits you’ll receive to help you grow your company, membership in HBRMV has its personal privileges as well. We appreciate how hard our members work for their customers and toward the good of our community, so we offer other amenities that help members save on vehicles, phone service and insurance. Not to mention, we offer education, training and networking opportunities that help you gain respect from consumers, co-workers and peers alike.

      • Special Member Benefits
        1. Insurance discounts
        2. Verizon discount for cellular service
        3. GM discount on trucks and other vehicles
      • Member Networking Forums
      • Enhancing of a Positive, Professional Member Image
      • Member and Consumer Education


Dues: $500.00 per year. National Association of Home Builders and New York State Builders Association Memberships are both included with your Annual Dues.

Proof of Insurance coverage, general liability and workers’ compensation, if required by NY State, or waiver, must be submitted with application.

Lobbying Efforts
HBRMV is constantly promoting legislation beneficial to our industry and the consumer and opposing that, which we feel, is harmful. Through our state and national affiliations, HBRMV is a leader in the legislative arena in regards to the residential construction industry. Membership provides the opportunity to personally participate in an organized lobbying effort annually. You’ll be connected to your state and national HBA’s, and your voice can be heard on those levels.

Liaison with Local Government
HBRMV is in constant contact with local government officials. In this respect we are always updated on constantly changing local rules and regulations affecting the residential industry. HBRMV is a member of the local Codes Association. By attending their monthly meetings we are in constant contact with local codes officials.

Industry Promotion
Through advertising campaigns, HBRMV promotes our members as well as the industry as a whole. We promote the fact that high standards of health, safety and sanitation shall be built into every home that our members are involved with. HBRMV has established a set of performance standards that we feel should be evident in all our members’ work.

Charitable and Community Involvement
HBRMV gets involved with many charitable and community organizations. Through donation of money, time and materials HBRMV members work closely with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together Mohawk Valley.

Latest Industry Information
Members can improve their business through the information available in publications they receive from the local, state and national associations, as well as the exchange of ideas at meetings, seminars and conventions.

Annual Home Building and Remodeling Expo
HBRMV offers the Mohawk Valley area the only exclusive building and remodeling exposition. The Annual Home Show gives exhibitors a chance to present their products and services to potential customers in a professional atmosphere. Association members receive discounted booth rates and the opportunity for advance registration. When consumers and businesses looking for assistance from HBRMV fill out our convenient contact form, you’ll have access to exciting new leads that can help you develop your business. That means that we’ll do part of the legwork for you because we’ll recommend you to these potential clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to affordably promote your business and grow in your professional field – join HBRMV today. Click here to download a copy of our membership application. You’ll be pleased to find that our membership fee is low, regardless of the size of your business. We look forward to working with you!

Member Networking Forums
Social events provide members the opportunity to “rub elbows” with friends, associates and competitors in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Membership meetings, our annual golf outing and annual clambake provide the atmosphere for just that. Every contact a businessperson makes is a potential asset to their business.

Enhancement of a Positive, Professional Member Image
Acquire the prestige of membership in our known and respected Association that is frequently called upon for assistance and recommendations by consumers, civic and governmental agencies. Our members are now being looked at as leaders in their field – leaders who have the expertise and trust that consumers can rely on.

Member and Consumer Education
Through monthly educational membership meetings and seminars, we strive to keep our members abreast of changing laws, rules and regulations, lending policies, new construction methods and materials, etc. in order to keep our members current with all aspects of the industry. HBRMV continually informs the public through press releases of their rights as consumers, which protects all involved in the industry.


Applying for membership is easy! You have 2 options. You can fill out the form below and someone in our office will be in contact with you. Or you can download a PDF application and either mail it in or drop it by our location.

Dues: $500.00 per year. National Association of Home Builders and New York State Builders Association Memberships are both included with your Annual Dues.

Proof of Insurance coverage, general liability and workers’ compensation, if required by NY State, or waiver, must be submitted with application.

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